Boston Visit: March 2016

This past weekend, my mother and I took a trip to Boston – a place where we have been meaning to travel to together for quite some time. The main purpose of the trip was for me to attend an Admitted Students’ Day for a Law School (which I have now decided to attend – so excited!), and the secondary purpose was to get a feel for the city and to see just some of its endless history.

We had a lovely trip and I cannot wait to go back again so that I can start to explore even more of this city. Between traveling and spending time at the school, we didn’t have as much time as we would have liked to go sightseeing (plus we had to cut the trip short because of impending snow), but here are just a few photos of what we did get to see – which was equal parts beautiful, quaint, and historic. I am looking forward to discovering all that there is to see in this city both during my upcoming trips there and when I actually move and begin to make it my own.

What I will say is this (and I’ll definitely be doing a more detailed post on this in the upcoming months): this city is New York turned down a few notches – it’s not as hectic or stressful to navigate, and it has charm and history that I have yet to find in my 5 years living in Manhattan. I am exceedingly grateful and excited that I will get to start a new chapter in a new city – especially in a place that already feels much more aligned with my personality and values than New York has ever felt. Enjoy the photos!

Beacon Hill





Fairmont Copley Plaza


Boston Public Library





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