Links I Love (+ an 8tracks Mix): August 10th

So here we are for my second installment of Links I Love. I like the idea of doing this during the middle of each week when we can all use a little bit more inspiration to get us over the hump. Let’s dive in!

Here’s an indie-pop playlist filled with upbeat summer songs that have been giving me life as of late:

  1. Video: The Beauty of Being a Misfit by Lidia Yuknavitch
    • I was listening to the Dear Sugar Podcast a few weeks ago when I heard of Lidia Yuknavitch and I soon-after listened to her Ted Talk. Her talk explores her journey as a writer, and the struggles she had even as her dreams began to come true. My favorite quote from the talk is as follows, “Misfit people, we don’t always know how to hope or say yes or how to choose the big thing even as it’s right in front of us. It’s a shame we carry, it’s the shame of wanting something good, it’s the shame of feeling something good, it’s the shame of not really believing we deserve to be in the room with the people we admire.” As sad as this quote is, I find it very relatable at times, and I’ve had to coach myself out of feeling this way when beautiful opportunities come my way. When you don’t fit the mold, it can be so easy to feel a sense of inherent unworthiness (am I the only one suffering from a little bit of PTSD from middle school and high school?), but it is our job as individuals to honor our unique personhood and always, always remind ourselves that we are worthy of belonging exactly where we stand, no qualifiers needed.
  2. Podcast: One Part Plant: Asking for What You Want with Julia Turshen of Small Victories
    • I love Jessica Murnane’s podcast and this episode was pure gold. It featured the chef and cookbook author Julia Turshen and she spoke of how she started out her career in that niche industry. Up until now, she has helped co-create cookbooks with other chefs and celebrities, but her first solo cookbook, Small Victories, comes out in September. When someone co-authors or co-creates a cookbook, their name is seldom included on the front cover, and might only be referenced in the acknowledgment sections. However, Turshen has frequently been named alongside people like Gwyneth Paltrow and Mario Batali in their books. She said that the reasoning for this is that she asked to be given credit, which is such a beautiful and simple answer that, frankly, I was not expecting. It reminds me of the quote, “If you don’t ask, the answer is always no.” The episode also touched on more serious topics like the tragic violence that has been happening in our country lately, and how we can and should use our social media platforms to engage in a meaningful conversation about what is happening and how we can create change together. I’m usually silent on these topics, but it gave me food for thought to be more vocal moving forward, because these conversations are worth having, and, as it was said in the episode: if we can post for #TacoTuesday after something tragic happens, we can certainly use that same tool to engage in meaningful exchanges.
  3. Article: Visiting New York Showed Me Why I Left by Meaghan O’Connell
    • Maybe it’s because I just wrote my own personal story about leaving New York, but I found this piece to be not only timely, but very relatable. Toward the end of the article, O’Connell states, “You choose compromise, choose expense, choose discomfort, in exchange for the best of everything, except quality of life.” This is exactly what I touched on toward the end of my blog post – even under the most desirable real estate/overall financial circumstance, the act of living in New York day in and day out can be exceedingly draining, and the quality of living can become an issue for people who aren’t die hard New Yorkers. I liked her article because it was filled with simple truths and a resounding message that it is okay to choose to live somewhere else for the virtue that it is simply more well-suited for you, despite the concept that New York has the ‘best of everything.’

Thanks for reading! I’m having fun with this, so expect another similar post in about 2 weeks 🙂

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