Weekly No. 2

Welcome to my second installment of Weekly: the place where I will gather things that inspired me or brought me joy during this past week.

This blog post from Hannah Brencher. I am such a fan of this woman and I’ve read this post about 5 times this week. It so hit home for me because I finally had a spiritual breakdown/breakthrough in realizing how much I’ve been trying to fill the holes in my life with things other than God. I once heard Josh Radnor say in an interview that “we all have a God-shaped hole in us,” and it could not be more true.

This cookbookI’m not quite sure how I stumbled upon the Sweet Laurel Instagram a few weeks ago, but I’m sure glad I did. The founder is in remission from Hashimoto’s, and a diet free of grains, dairy, and refined sugar is what got her there. I just made the chocolate chip cookies tonight and loved them! Can’t wait to try more recipes out once finals are over.

This song by Handsome Ghost. I’ve had it on a loop all week (along with several of their other songs). Bless this band. 

This Instagram post from Ambitious Kitchen. I adore her recipes (hello favorite Blueberry Paleo Waffles!), her candidness on her blog about how messy/challenging real life can be, and this wedding post might be screen shotted and saved to the favorites folder on my phone…) Suffice it to say I am inspired by Monique in just about every way, so it’s no shocker that I loved her post about what wellness means to her.

This tweet from Kevin Farzad. I laughed a little too hard at this if we’re being 100% honest. He has a great twitter, and is also in a band I love, Sure Sure. 

Until next week,

xx L

Featured image via subliming.jpg on this holisticism Instagram post.



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